RVTC Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre (RVTC)

About Us

As a part of this objectives the Centre receives and procures orders form BIRDEM General Hospital, NHN (National Healthcare Network), Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute, Ibrahim Medical College, Health Care Development Project (HCDP), Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. Central Hospital, Aysha Memorial Hospital etc. and Jute Mills under Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (B.J.M.C) for production of items used in jute mills all over the country. Profit accrued thereby is utilized for treatment and rehabilitation of the poor juvenile diabetic patients.

Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Centre presently has 08 (Eight) numbers of diabetic patients. They are engaged in the Engineering workshop as helper. They are earning while learning.

Some of the items are produced in the Workshop for Hospitals & Clinics:

Hospital Bed S.S; Hospital Bed S.S &MS Combined; Oxygen Hood; Test Tube Rack Stainless Steel; Trolley Machine; Kick Bucket; Bed Side Railing S.S; Isolation Screen Stand (3 Parts)/ Bed Side Screen Stand; Over Bed Table S.S; File Cabinet; Chair with Handle Fixed; Patient Trolley S.S; Almirah Steel (M.S); Bed Side Railing S.S with Clamp M.S Holding System; Oxygen Cylinder Stand; Laparoscopy Trolley; Temperature Chart Holder S.S; Patient Trolley S.S with wheel (Fixed height); Stand Saline S.S; Bed Side Railing Clamp (M.S); Lead Apron Hanger S.S ,Capacity 6(six) hanger; Food Cart(S.S) 5 Racks; Rack Stainless Steel; Table Nursing S.S; Cidex Tray Trolley (S.S) 3 Part; Bucket Stand with Bracket; Chair Without Handle Fixed/Chair Armless Fixed; Ambulance Stretcher; Wheel Caster Hammer; Garbage Trolley Stainless Steel Medicine Trolley; Instrument Trolley Garbage Trolley Stainless Steel; Wheel Caster Hammer; USG Portable Trolley S.S; Bowel Stand; View Box S.S / X-Ray View Box S.S; Patient Overhead Case for OT Table; Linen Change Trolley S.S; Drum (Big Size)S.S; Hand Grearbages Trolley S.S; Steel Stair Step S.S; Patient Examination Table/Bed-ECG Machine Trolley; Test Tube Rack Stainless Steel.