RVTC Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre (RVTC)

Goals & Objectives


Back in 1956, when people had a perception that diabetes is a disease of the affluents and hardly anyone anticipated that diabetes would be an epidemic even in developing countries. Professor Dr Mohammad Ibrahim (1911-1989) led a team of dedicated colleagues to establish the Diabetic Association of Pakistan which eventually became Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (in Bangla Bangladesh Diabetic Somiti, acronym BADAS) . The dream of the Founder was to create such facilities and environment where no diabetic shall die untreated, unemployed or unfed even if poor. Over the last five decades the Association has created the largest infrastructure, and registered patient base in the world for the prevention and care of diabetes. In addition, next to the Government, it is now the largest comprehensive health care provider as well as the health manpower generating organization in Bangladesh. The Annual Report provides a glimpse of this organization with particular focus on the achievement of the last Financial Year 2013-2014.