RVTC-Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre

Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre

Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Centre helps the juvenile Diabetics to lead a meaningful and respectful life in the society by generating their own means and resources for treatment & control of diabetes and not become burden on their family so as to lead a near normal life with others.


Activities of RVTC

Train the poor Juvenile Diabetics

Main objective of Rehabilitation & Vocational Training Centre is to train the poor Juvenile Diabetics to help them to get employment after getting befitting training in different Trades.


Printing & Press

Dr Zobaida Hannan Printing Press

Most of the printing materials of BADAS & its enterprises like BIRDEM, RVTC, NHN, ICHRI, Ibrahim Medical College and different projects are being printed in the printing press.


Engineering Workshop

Jute Mill machine spare parts

Mainly the workshop meets the need of BIRDEM Hospital, and enterprises of BADAS, affiliated branches, NHN, HCDP, ICHRI, Ibrahim Medical College, BIHS etc.


Future Project

Latest Project

Expansion of Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre

Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre is started of training programme for juvenile diabetes in various trades be fitting to them in the existing facilities available. The authorities have to establish show room in BIRDEM- I & II campus & others enterprises of BADAS.


Founder of RVTC

Professor Dr Mohammad Ibrahim

Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre (RVTC), an organization of Diabetic Association of BangladeshProfessor, Established by National Professor late Dr Mohammad Ibrahim (1911-1989).

Director of RVTC: F.K.A. Hussain

Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) is working on various activiies, like: Printing and Press, various types of items are produced in the Workshop for Hospitals & Clinics and 6 months Vocational training for poor Juvenile Diabeticsis. All programs are going on under the supervision of our honorable director, F.K.A. Hussain.